Putus Asa Adalah Tembok Berlin....Robohkan Ia....Kelak Kejayaan Akan Menyusul...


Does that comment actually trigger u off?! HAH! C'mon girl... its only a cmment..... I just need to tell u this. I don't even noe why I am into this relationship. Maybe it's because my friends told me to try or izzit I'm not thinking well enuff before giving you the exact answer. Like i said, if I had my way, I'll make you wait till I have finally made a right decision. I'm still young.... I need a lot of time and I seriously do not want to commit. I noe wat I really want that's y I was mad when I found out abt the cmmnt that 'AbgAZ' send it to you. To me, it's like getting into my way. Not exactly how I wanted things to be.

Jealousy...hmm...That's not a serious issue isn't it? I noe the reasons y someone get jealous. Maybe because of jealousy that changed my whole perception of being in a relationship. I didnt noe being in a relationship actually requires more attention then how i thought it should be.

Anyway, you are not the first to complain that it is really difficult to bring ma-self out even my close friends got problems wif that. Yes, I noe. I go out whenever I want to and whenever I feel like it. You want to noe how I really feel about you rite? Well, I like you but the feelings just can't get any deeper. I duno y. It's just the way it is. Like I told you, I make a better close friend than a boyfriend and that is up for you to decide. Everything happened too fast. Very fast indeed. You haven't really known me. There's a lot of things that ppl need to know abt me. Not only you but also my friends. I'm unpredictable like the weather.
hopefully, you'll find some1 better than me to take care of u

Anithing can just happen. but for the moment, alone is better for me. Nobody to take care of , just thinkin abt maself and those who are close 2 me...tq


Pemadam Baru said... @ April 24, 2009 at 10:34 PM

Yes..thats really true.. No one can truly understand us.. And sometimes..Being friend with somebody is more meaningful than being bf/gf.. Being bf/gf is not when we say "i like u, u like me"..It require us to do some sort of "obligation" towards our partner.. But to make things easier for both parties, we must do a lot consideration and compromise more in our relationship.. moreover, this bf/gf things is not supposed to be some kind of burden to us (when we got LOTS of burden already..assignment..exam..money..)..

p/s: bro..u got a nice blog..hahaha..

Adi Muslim (I LOVE ISLAM) said... @ April 25, 2009 at 12:56 AM

x paham

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